Focus VS distraction or the zombie apocalypse is already here!

I just spent the last few days with my wife staying in our four hundred square foot second home.

It is quiet comfortable and simple. There is little to distract us. No TV. No lawn to mow. Just eat sleep and relax.

We were in the present. Focused and enjoyed ourselves.

We have decided we like that so much were going to make it our primary residence on the ocean beach front. We will be able to take long walks and explore the small town we will live in, ride our bikes, kayak in the bay, sit by a fire and whip up a fresh clam chowder from the days catch. I had time to focus on what we really want in life now and time and experiences are whats important to us. So we are selling every thing that does not fit in that new life we will be living soon. I hope to be their full time by fall.

I have been working this post over in my head for a while now so here goes.

The real reason we are not rich, happy and successful is not because we aren’t working hard. It is because we are not focused! We are driven to distraction! There is so much going on in our daily lives we are constantly distracted by instant everything!!

Let me give you an example. Have you ever been driving down the road listening to the radio talking on the phone (or texting) while eating your Breakfast/lunch/dinner and later you can’t even remember what you ate? Or you got to where you were going and the time just flew by? I see some head nodding and finger-pointing going on out there ūüôā

We are not present in our lives. We are lost in our distractions. We are not Here and now. We are tuned out.


Because we are ghosting thru life unhappy with reality so we live in an altered perception of non reality called LA LA LAND!! We are zombies!! I know a little harsh but true. TV, cellphones, music, computers, the internet, face book, texting All designed to keep us distracted.

What about material pursuits. Cars, houses, boats, RV’s of all sorts, shopping, restaurants, lions and tigers and bears oh my!!

When was the last time you were focused and present and in the moment?

Do you even know what it means or feels like to be here and now? Try not thinking about the past or the future but only here in the moment. It takes focus. Your mind will wander and the eternal internal dialog that runs in your head starts to distract you from reality. HERE and NOW!

FOCUS…Whats going on around you? Sights sounds, smells, tastes, textures…ARE you here? Or are you drifting away, wandering, day dreaming?

What could you accomplish if you were focused? Present? How much productivity if you are here and now. Doing one thing not 5 or 6 tasks at once.(so called¬†multitasking) You know if we could multitask we would be able to pat are heads and rub our bellys at the same time. I’m not sure what that helps even if you can.

So I said all that to say this.

If you truly want to be happy you need focus. To acomplish that be present and here and now in the moment mindful of what is going on around you. I once read if you want to meet your goals faster make a list of the 10 most important things in your life.

Go ahead I’ll wait… Ok got it?

Now get rid of them they are distracting you from your goals!!


Yes that’s what I said. Think about it. What are those things? And what would happen if you did not have them in your life? What are they really costing you?

You are playing safe in life.

Are you playing the game of life to win or just not to lose? Because you don’t want to risk losing those things? With nothing to lose you have everything to gain.

What if everything you owned fit in a back pack? What could you do? Where would you go? How would you live? What would it cost? Life would not be very complicated.


Now what can you accomplish with no distractions? No worries? Nothing to lose. Time to focus. Create value. Live simply. Fully present.

NOW experience life.

Electrical and wiring how to step by step DVD for micro/tiny houses

Hello Micro-housers, tiny house and small space living enthusiast.

I have a new video series that I have created and I’m excited to bring to you. This is an all new series of how to DVD’s!

I have been getting flooded with request for more information on building micro/tiny¬†houses so I have been working on a series of step by step DVD’s for sale on my new site.

The first in the series is on electrical wiring. We will cover the breaker panel wiring outlets and switches. Power cords and plugs as well as sizing the system. And some theories and terminology like what are volts, amps and watts? What do they do?

The price of the video is less than it would cost for an eletrican to show up for an hour at your house!!

This DVD set is designed for the rest of us who don’t know electrical¬†but want to. Learn the process and save hundreds of dollars.

Let me take the mystery out of wiring your house and power cord so you can plug-in to a power source where ever you go from a 50 amp to 20 amp outlet.

I will be creating DVDS for plumbing and gas systems as well in the near future.

Thanks to the over 1500 subscribers to this project in over 65 countrys world wide.

The fastest way to get rich !! …I’m not kidding!!

Thats right I will reveal in this post the fastest way to get rich and I will tell you for free!!

Why would someone just give that kind of highly valuable information away? I could sell this for big bucks. It’s worth it after all.

So whats the deal?

How do you measure “RICH” anyway?

How do you know if YOU are rich?

This is the core question and the real problem in our culture today. We are in a big race to get rich. It is an obsession we spend our entire lives trying to overcome.

Rich…what is it? Who determines it? How do we measure it? Is it money? Is it things? Is it a feeling? A place? A state of mind? Maybe it is all of the above? What makes one person rich and the other wealthy? How do you compare? Is comparing the way of determining? If you take two people who have the same meager living conditions why is one living simply while the other is poor?¬†Is living rich external or internal? Is it physical or mental?

That is a lot of processing to do. Its important to examine this and decide how we measure RICH in our lives. Our core values are what will create that answer. Understanding what those are will determine how we set those values. So the more we know the better we will define RICH.

Rich by definition may and will change thru your life because your values change. What is important to you now may not be as important to you later in life.

As an individual we can physically only create so much money working by the hour if we are employed. We exchange time for money. We can then exchange money for things. Depending on how many and what kind of things we want/need will be determined by how much time we are willing to exchange for money. So there are limiting factors here. This is where we start to get into trouble when we want more things than we can exchange time for.

Credit or selling your time in advance sounds like the solution. Its very attractive at first ūüėČ

But it starts a downward spiral of desperate problems and stresses that all too often make people realize after the fact that the things were not worth the exchange in advance of the time you presold to get them. This is often when our¬†values change, Don’t ask me how I know this:) Now the light becomes brighter (for some) and dimmer for others that don’t get the lesson.

Ok…still with me?

Whats the answer? I will say it even thou I think you already know it.

The fastest way to get rich is to REDUCE YOUR NEEDS.

Thats it.

So the more you know the less you need.

If you have less needs/wants (Be clear on the difference) you will have more time, money, choices and RICHES!!

Less is really more. More freedom to decide how and where you will live your life. Out of a backpack, on a boat, in an RV, a tiny house ect.

Stop worrying about what other people think. They don’t really care about you they are only worried about what you think. The silly measuring stick we all use on each other.

Morning in the micro house.

I woke up early to the birds singing in the tree outside the big picture window.I came down out of the loft and stoked the fire in my little wood stove and set a pot of coffee on it to boil .

Rubbing my eyes to adjust to the light of the window I sat down to watch the yard waking up .The morning antics are always interesting A pair of quail chasing each other in and out of the tall grass at the edge of the yard.Robins hunting worms in the new-mown grass.Over on the honeysuckle humming birds having a buffet breakfast.

The stove is taking the chill out of the air feels good to sit by it .I see steam starting to come out of the coffee pot .I see thru the fog in the pasture a doe with her fawn in tow.

The sun is climbing over the mountain and creeping across the yard warming the air and chasing the fog away.There is a breeze in the trees moving the leaves .Lots of song birds flitting about and calling back and forth.

Bob (the cat) is watching from his perch by the window next to the door.Rocky (the chihuahua) is stretching¬†and needs to go outside for his morning constitutional.I will need to grab my cup of joe and make the rounds.First the rabbits ,check on the mammas¬†and their new litters of bunnies.I will need to give the pigs and their baby’s¬†some grain and water.Last the chickens and the chicks (just hatched 7 new the other day) Now¬†I can sneak some eggs for breakfast ūüėČ

Speaking of breakfast I think¬†I’ll have some bacon (courtesy¬†of the hogs) and a couple of pancakes to go with those fresh eggs the wood stove is hot now. After breakfast I’ll take a walk with Rocky, Bob usually trails along meowing (complaining¬†) about the trip .Maybe we will fix a¬†lunch ¬†go up the mountain a ways¬†and check out the view .I’m sure we will work up an appetite¬†for dinner this evening and a fresh-baked rabbit pot pie is sounding really good with some¬†veggies from the garden.

I’ll probably putter in the shop a little on some projects new pens for the rabbits ,A pair of Adirondack¬†chairs I’m making for the patio.Then back by the wood stove to read a little before bed.Whats your day look like ? Are you doing what you like today? how about tomorrow? The tiny house life is great the freedom to choose is the reward .Living small really is living large…¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Your Micro house Mortgage free living …What will it look like? How will you pay for it? Answers here.

Hello micro housers. This post is brought to you by the PEOPLE FOR A MORTGAGE FREE AMERICA. What elements will you include in your micro house project? Lots of windows? French doors? Carpet or hardwood on the floor? What will be your color scheme? How about a main floor bedroom? There are so many choices so much fun. Is it just me or is there some real peace of mind knowing that for the price of a nice car you could own your own home free and clear? Well if you build it yourself it could be half that price! If you could eliminate the cost of the largest expense we have in the world HOUSING.

What would your life be like? Fill the blank. If I had $$dollars is it $500.00, $750.00, $1000.00¬†or more!!¬†(The monthly cost of housing that you now pay)¬†left in my hand every month for the rest of my life what would I do? How would that change your lifestyle? $750.00 per month is $9000.00 a year or $90,000.00 every 10 years!! With interest you could be financially independent in just a few short years! $750.00 per month invested at %10 interest is almost $325,000.00 in 15 years! Don’t spend it save it.

So what is the best investment you can make? Learn how to build your own house now! It would behoove you to learn the skills necessary to build. Like plumbing and electrical or framing to¬†Avoid the crushing cost of paying rent or 30 years of house payments. It’s easier than you think ūüėČ What if you had someone (An expert) that could walk you thru step by step and take the mystery out of the process? What would that be worth? Plans for these houses regularly sell on the internet for $600.00 to $700.00 and more without any instruction! But you could have a set of plans with a list of tools and materials so you don’t have to figure it out and a process of what board or sheet of wood to cut and where it goes and how to attach it and what to do next. Sound simple? Well there is work involved but it is a manageable process when there is a path and a plan.

How do you finance this project? That is a good Question I offered a solution in my most¬†popular¬†post “Free tiny houses for everyone” It is maybe a bit radical for some but drastic measures for drastic times!?! I don’t think it’s drastic given the outcome. Other options include selling off your no longer needed possessions the ones that wont fit in your house to help pay for materials. Savings you may already have. Small loans you can quickly pay back now that you don’t have a house payment. Pitch a tent at the project site once you shell in the house you can stay inside it out of the weather and finish as you go.

What are you willing to do to stop having to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a place to live? Make this¬†the adventure that it is in lifestyle design. Change the life you have if you’re not happy with it. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. If you want a new result you have to make changes. Think of the time and freedom you will have to spend pursuing your interest in live travel, hobbys, gardening, staying fit BALANCE YOUR LIFE! don’t spend it working 40 or 50 plus hours a week till your old and grey. We only get so many days on this planet What are you doing with yours? ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

The best Tiny house plans Step by step DIY with video on the planet!

Thats right I am beginning a project that will be the most comprehensive complete step by step do it yourself plans for building a tiny house on the planet!! If you want a tiny house and the only thing stopping you is HOW TO you wont need to know anything and you can follow this DVD video series .

This project will give¬†you everything you need to know from start to finnish.The plans will show you how to find a trailer buy all your building materials (like how many 2×4 and sheets of plywood screws and nails windows and doors ect…)You can send a fax copy to the building centers to¬†price the best package and have them set it up for pick up or delivery for you.Next know what tools you need and every cut of every board in the project.Watch the DVD s and get step by step instruction as you put your house together just like you have a contractor standing there helping you.¬† Get expert tips and tricks of the trade that make this project a breeze.

This set of plans is far beyond the detail of anything currently on the market today and would normally cost 3X what I will offer it for during the  pre sale before it is done .I will launch this project on kickstarter soon and you can buy advanced copys buy backing the project at the ridiculously low pre sale price .

I want everyone to have access to this level of knowledge and training so you can be self-reliant and mortgage free for life.

Please share this post and comment or ask all the questions you like to let me know your interest thanks .:)

On living with nothing as a way of life.

The day I metTrevor I knew there was an interesting fellow.

I am like a cat always curious about things and people in particular.

I was just in Sint¬†Martin¬†in the south-east¬†Caribbean¬†and that’s where I met Trevor. Trevor¬†is a captain he holds a 200 ton licence. You can sail a big boat with a licence like that but he is sailing a 54 ft vagabond blue water capable ketch as a charter boat on the coast. Trevor is originally¬†from the U.K. by way of south africa 25 years worth and a family raised. Having been a sailor most of his life he has made a living at it which brings me around to the title of this post.

The skill set Trevor possesses makes living on nothing not only possible but practical. He has spent large amounts of time at sea and needs to keep very little to get along (as a matter of fact he told me that he currently has no shoes or socks) I never saw him other than barefoot tee-shirt and shorts. He lives in paradise! Warm all year. Long hair reportedly he never combs and a very capable 61 years young!

Trevor owns and lives on a 32 ft sail boat I have not seen. He refers to it as his shed this has been home for the last 17 years. He has sailed it across the atlantic more than a few times with and without an engine. Trevor’s¬†typical¬†day as I have seen it is to rise with the sun. Dingy over to the random wind his place of employment and fart around on the deck a little then grab a cup of coffee and lounge on the back of the boat untill the guest arrive. He helps everyone aboard and then at around 10 am we sail down the coast make a couple of stops to play in the water eat lunch. He does a few flips and stunts off a swing into the water and back to the bay by 3 pm.

After sending the guest back to the dock and having a coldy¬†(coors¬†lite) he then farts around on deck and lounges in the rear of the boat again. Trevor’s¬†cost of living is slight. His job is easy and routine. He wants for nothing. He told me his retirement¬†plan is keep working. The reason he can live like this is he owns and needs little or nothing and keeps it that way. He owns a micro home on the water and can park it any where he likes free. I envy Trevor and his lifestyle it is very idyllic simple and straight forward.

I look forward to spending more time with him and like him. Its island time.

Help us help others survive.Why we do what we do.

This is what it is really all about.Helping others to simply live.The Mayan culture is dying they need our help to survive.Here is a video to watch and you can follow the links over to the site and learn more about these fascinating people and their story .

Piggys on the micro home stead this am

I thought I would switch over to the homestead side of the project today and show you what’s new. Here’s a video¬†of the monday morning commute ¬†here at the microhomestead.We have a number of projects going on and this is one of the newest.Enjoy.