Saturday morning coffee chat.


Good morning! I hope you are enjoying yours. Just some musings going into 2015.

My wife and I became semi retired at 43 and 48 four years ago. We have a lot of extra Saturdays during the week to use as we wish. It took us about two years to decompress from very fast paced careers. It felt funny not getting up everyday and producing.

I actually felt guilty like something was wrong if I did not work to earn my income. After awhile I got over it and really started to enjoy my free time. We have created multiple income streams that are automated and put money in our bank account without our needing to be involved on a daily basis.

This automatic income allows us to live any where we wish as it does not require us to be in a particular location. We even started showing other people how to do it. So far we have over a dozen different streams of income that we have created in a variety of subjects that are very profitable for us and very valuable to those who invest in them. Thats a win win!

This year we will be mortgage free and almost entirely debt free as we have no car payments or credit card debt either. I gotta tell ya that is a great feeling having eliminated the two biggest expenses in life. Housing and transportation. Our cost of living is a fraction of what it was before.

Now we can spend even more time traveling and pursuing our passion of helping others do the same. After starting out with less than nothing in life and having had to work the whole time I was in high school to help my mom pay the rent and bills I never thought I would get out early but after 35 years working for others by the hour we now only oversee our businesses and monitor them remotely on a very part time basis.

One of our favorite things is spending time in the caribbean playing on the warm sunny beaches scuba diving and sailing the clear warm waters around the islands.

Who would have thought a couple of poor kids that met in a gang infested inner-city neighborhood would ever get a life like this with only a high school education. We truly are blessed to live this life and share it with others all over the world.

Spring has come early to us this year and we are already out enjoying the garden and yard while others are still buried in winters grip. Our grand daughter is with us this week and it is great to have the time to spend with her at this age. It has been great to ride our Harley in February with 50 degrees and sunshine. Well the birds are calling us out to the yard better fill the feeders and go enjoy the sun. 😉

Funding your life.



just had a 2hr call with 50 people from all over about selling products online.

We did nothing but answer questions about anything they asked. They were very excited and engaged. They all said they wanted to do it again. WE are going to do it again next month.


Would you like to be on a conference call and ask us anything about creating and selling products online?

Funding your ultimate life.


I wrote this for a closed group on face book called product creation 101. I thought you might be interested.

So there is a term for what we do. A couple actually. Freelancer and digital nomad. Have laptop can/will travel.

That is once you take your skills, knowledge, trade, hobby, passion, unique ability and offer it up as a product or service you are free to be where ever you chose in the world. Thousands of people are doing it now and technology is making it easier and easier for tens of thousands more to operate from a coffee shop somewhere out there. You can get cell service in the craziest places now and internet too.

That means we can operate and or check on our sales and fulfillment and bank deposits just about anywhere anytime we want. We can also access the funds from anywhere. What that means is you don’t need to get a job or a work visa or worry about funding our lifestyle the old fashioned way 9 to 5 punching a time clock for a pay check.

So the question is what can I do to help you get there?

That is assuming that is why you are here.

I have for a number of years been building a product line of goods and services that has grown into a serious income for Annissa and I to the point that it now funds our lifestyle and lets us come and go as we please.

We left the 9 to 5 gig in our forties and never looked back.

Look we are not any different than you. I was a meat cutter in a grocery store and Annissa was a book keeper.

What do you want from this group?

What is it that will get you over the hump and on your way to living the dream not just dreaming about it?

Do you really need a car? Read this and decide for yourself.


Most people don’t need a car. They just want one.

Checkout this blog post and tell me if after reading it you think you need to own one or not.

Mortgage freedom, anyone can have it.Yes this means you!


It is true we all can own our homes free and clear of loans if you really want to.

Wait! What!

Before you dismiss this as boloney or as unattainable hear me out.

Read the full article about mortgage freedom here.

Down the rabbit hole.


The choice is yours. Keep living that crazy, hectic, meaningless life of work/ bill paying. Deferring life till later. Or?? I am inspired to write this post. Why? Because I am sitting in the shade on a tropical island in the Caribbean listening to the surf come up on the white sand beach. The birds are chattering away in the palm trees and sail boats, power yachts, fishing vessels are drifting by on the most unreal blue water you can imagine.

I smell of suntan oil, rum, cigar and the ocean. I should bottle it! Why am I telling you all this? Because A few years ago I found the rabbit hole and my wife and I went down it. The hole lead me to a life of self reliance. We quit our 9 to 5 jobs (hers was 9 to 5 mine was 3 to 11) We didn’t even see each other that often! Now we work less than we play. We are almost debt free and time is our biggest asset. We spend over a month in the caribbean each year and that keeps increasing.

There is another way. Most people will read this and do nothing. I am very aware of that fact. The scariest thing for most people is to follow their dreams. They are afraid to let go of their current reality(the one they are not happy with)to most it is miserable but safe.Taking a chance to live a life of freedom and happiness only a few dare to do. Here is another way down the rabbit hole A Self Reliant Life Blog.

If you are here then you are looking. Looking for the other way.The way it is supposed to be. We are taught to work our best years away saving money buying things to insure our later years are safe, secure and happy. There is no guaranty and most people find out to late this is not the way to live life. That is a life of fear and scarcity. It is designed by people who want you to support their dreams.Remember if you are not following your dreams then you are working for someone else’s dreams.

What I am about to say to you will be very disturbing. It may even piss you off! I hope it does. I am willing to take that chance 😉 You are living in fear. You are living only to gain other peoples approval and acceptance. If you did not care about what other people think about you then you would be free. Tell me I am wrong. You are doing what you think other people want you to do. I is a preexisting path created long ago. It is an out dated model that only serves other people.You have been taught to work make money and spend it on things to prove your worth to others. To spend your life in debt as a way to find fulfillment and acceptance.

The cost? Your life! It is a fools game that no one wins. What do you win? Not a life but an existence. One of drudgery. Get up go to work sit in traffic work all day go home just to sit in traffic, eat pay your bills go to bed and do it all again tomorrow. You try to save a little money you get a couple of days off and think what would it be like to have more days off. You are so conditioned to this that you can’t even fathom it. You think when I turn 65 I won’t have to do this anymore. But will you make it? If you do will you really then get to live your life your way?

What the hell is life your way? Have you ever wondered? And why are you not living it right now? Not that life you fool yourself into believing is what you want. That is the one your in right now. How can you tell the difference? Because everyone else you know is doing it and they give you there seal of approval that you are doing the right thing! Basically running with the herd. At least we are all doing the same thing right?

Wanna know if your living life right? Its easy do it your way and everyone you know will think your crazy and tell you your out of your mind! Your friends will be jealous they may stop talking to you. They will start talking about you. Your family may even try to stage an intervention;) Here is your last chance to peak down the rabbit hole.

Kevin’s Youtube Channel.

There is another way out there…

Thank you

I would like to thank each and every one of you who are following, visiting and subscribing to our site.

We get hundreds of views a day and lots of comments and questions about tiny living and living on less.

My wife and I created a program for ourselfs some years ago that allowed us to retire in our forties so we could travel and spend time with our kids and grandkids. We spend our days doing what we want like gardening, riding our harley (we are getting ready to go to sturgis) and scuba diving in the caribbean.

A short time ago we decided to offer our secret to everyone we call it the Six Critical Elements for a self reliant life. I hope you will take a look at the site and consider our program so you can get out of the rat race and live life on your terms not worrying about the high cost of living and making ends meet each month.

I hope to see you there and look forward to your self reliant life.


How little could you thrive on if…

So the whole question is how little could you live on comfortably if you had no rent or house payment (owned your home) no car payment grew a garden?

Add the idea that you could walk, ride a bike or take the bus some or most of the time to work and shop.

Could you save money?

Be sure to count in power, insurance and food you would buy as well as entertainment. Also allow for clothing, hair cuts and medical. Would you be able to thrive on say $25 k or $30k per year? Oh don’t forget phone and Internet and cable TV if you use them.

Could you grow a significant amount of food in your backyard garden to take a bite (pun intended) out of your grocery bill?

My thinking is yes if the major costs in life are taken care of there is time and money for living a great and comfortable lifestyle.

Living in the right community would be a key consideration in this life as it would foster it. Like minded people could share resources and help each other thrive regardless of the economy. Clothing food transportation and other things like tools and child care could be shared or bartered.

Just curious as to what the perspective is out there thoughts and ideas you might share with everyone.

Thanks in advance.


395 square feet of living .Thoughts on mortgage free America .


As I sit in my 395 square feet of air conditioned furnished mobile living space I ponder long term living here. At a fraction of the space I am used to living in its very efficient use space just a whole lot less. Can I fit everything in here I want to keep with me? I really feel like the bigger house is a waste of space for us now cost of maintaining and heating as well as payments and taxes insurance. What am I really housing here anyway? A lot of stuff I don’t use daily ,weekly or even monthly. I will save lots of money if I’m in an rv park I can live for $4000 to $5000 a year that’s $10 to $14 dollars a day! Compared to $55 a day now.not counting repairs.

My new address will be 30 seconds from the beach! I like that! There will be lots to do kayaking, sailing, diving, biking, hiking, clamming, fishing and campfires on the beach. I could buy a lot about a mile from the water and set up camp more permanently. With a yard and more privacy it would pay for its self in 6 or 7 years. I could spread out more and have some indoor out door living. Now the kids and grand kids can visit easier. Overall I’ll be debt free and my cost of living will be a fraction of what it was leaving me with a lot more time and money in an area I can explore for years to come. Eventually I can build a small cottage (400 square feet or so) and keep the RV for a guest house.

I am not telling you all this to brag but to show what’s possible if your interested in a change.

Thanks for listening I hope this inspires you to take action for yourself. Get out of the rat race and as always this brought to you from the people for a mortgage free America.