The fastest way to get rich !! …I’m not kidding!!

Thats right I will reveal in this post the fastest way to get rich and I will tell you for free!!

Why would someone just give that kind of highly valuable information away? I could sell this for big bucks. It’s worth it after all.

So whats the deal?

How do you measure “RICH” anyway?

How do you know if YOU are rich?

This is the core question and the real problem in our culture today. We are in a big race to get rich. It is an obsession we spend our entire lives trying to overcome.

Rich…what is it? Who determines it? How do we measure it? Is it money? Is it things? Is it a feeling? A place? A state of mind? Maybe it is all of the above? What makes one person rich and the other wealthy? How do you compare? Is comparing the way of determining? If you take two people who have the same meager living conditions why is one living simply while the other is poor? Is living rich external or internal? Is it physical or mental?

That is a lot of processing to do. Its important to examine this and decide how we measure RICH in our lives. Our core values are what will create that answer. Understanding what those are will determine how we set those values. So the more we know the better we will define RICH.

Rich by definition may and will change thru your life because your values change. What is important to you now may not be as important to you later in life.

As an individual we can physically only create so much money working by the hour if we are employed. We exchange time for money. We can then exchange money for things. Depending on how many and what kind of things we want/need will be determined by how much time we are willing to exchange for money. So there are limiting factors here. This is where we start to get into trouble when we want more things than we can exchange time for.

Credit or selling your time in advance sounds like the solution. Its very attractive at first 😉

But it starts a downward spiral of desperate problems and stresses that all too often make people realize after the fact that the things were not worth the exchange in advance of the time you presold to get them. This is often when our values change, Don’t ask me how I know this:) Now the light becomes brighter (for some) and dimmer for others that don’t get the lesson.

Ok…still with me?

Whats the answer? I will say it even thou I think you already know it.

The fastest way to get rich is to REDUCE YOUR NEEDS.

Thats it.

So the more you know the less you need.

If you have less needs/wants (Be clear on the difference) you will have more time, money, choices and RICHES!!

Less is really more. More freedom to decide how and where you will live your life. Out of a backpack, on a boat, in an RV, a tiny house ect.

Stop worrying about what other people think. They don’t really care about you they are only worried about what you think. The silly measuring stick we all use on each other.

Free tiny houses for everyone !

That’s right all micro housers who read this can have a free tiny house.  If that is true are you ready to move in? If someone gave you a free tiny house what would you do? How would it change your lifestyle? Do you have one picked out yet? Did you want to have it built or build it yourself? You may be wondering why I am asking so many questions but they all need to be answered. So where are you going to put your new home? Have you pared down your possessions to move in?

I suppose I should back up a minute and ask. Do you want a micro house? Do you want a free tiny/micro house? If so how badly do you really want one?  I ask because everyone who wants one bad enough can and should have one. The fact of  the mater is you all only need to say YES and make it happen for your selves. So can you picture yourself here? Great If you said yes. So what do you think it is worth? $10K?  $20 -$30k or more? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is you already have the money. Just stop spending it on other things and use it to build that house by diverting the funds and make it happen. It’s free! You aren’t spending a dime on it! If you are already spending money on housing it is probably more than you would living in a tiny house.

So find a way to move out of your current housing. Stay with a friend or family member and divert the founds you just saved to build the tiny home. It seems to me you can’t afford not to. You’re loosing money every day you don’t. Your cost of living will shrink to almost nothing. Now you can do what ever you want . Work part-time. Quit your job and get one you really like. Travel. Go to school or even volunteer. Pursue that hobby or interest you really like.

You now have time and money maybe for the first time in your life. So give yourself the gift of a tiny house and celebrate your new freedom take the day off. You can afford it 😉    

Mortgage free …the death of a 30 year commitment

I see the writing on the wall don’t you? The banks have gone to far! The construction industry has gone to far! Realtors have stepped across the line! There are big changes coming for all three of them. There has been a collusion for too long forcing people into spending more and more money for housing out of nothing more than pure greed!

What if we just don’t play their game anymore? Stop buying overpriced, undervalued, poorly built houses. Stop paying 20, 25 and 30 year loans and spending all your time working to pay for them. This is not an investment. It’s an enslavement. An enslavement that you don’t have any control over. We don’t set the prices or the values on these “investments” other entity decide if the house you just bought will go up or down in value and when. But your still responsible either way.

What if you pay cash for a house and never owe a payment to a bank again?

Now what would you do with all that extra time/money you would other wise be spending on a mortgage?

Well first off you would not have to work full time. Your boss won’t be able to hang your job over your head any more because he/she knows you have bills to pay and can’t afford to lose your income. With your time back in your hands you can pursue interests that have been side lined or put on the back burner of life. Family time to spend with them now that hustle and bustle are a thing of the past. Self, where did the time to take care of you go?

What would you do if you had TIME? You can sell your time but you can’t buy it and you only have so much…

Now if you live closer to work and the grocery store you may not even need a car?!

Wait just a minute Here!!

Am I saying no car and no house payment/rent!?! YES!

I just eliminated the two biggest things in life you spend money on 😉  Or maybe an inexpensive one as it is not a daily driver any more.

Well go ahead ask me. How am I going to do that?

I’m glad you asked. Build a tiny house. Place it near where you work and shop then ride a bike or walk to get around. You will have the time to walk/ride because your cost of living will be a fraction of it’s former self and the dreaded 40 hour work week will be a thing of the past.

You will no longer need the bank because you will pay cash for everything. You no longer need credit cards.  Money the stuff we seem to never have enough of (because we spend over half of what we make on housing and transportation) will suddenly be available. If you save it by putting away the same amount you were spending on a house and car you could retire at 35 instead of 65+!

I think the best thing you could do with your spare time is learn to build that tiny house and get out or avoid the current housing trap designed to make you work till you drop while others make huge profits off your hard work.

Slow down and ride a bike down to the farmers market and get some fresh ingredients for a slow home cooked meal with your friends and family.

Tiny house build on video

Tiny house video series subscribe to follow the updates as they come and interact ask questions give feedback and most of all have fun 😉

How small an income can you thrive on ??

I was recently visiting a friend in Gig Harbor and we were talking about people in other country’s and how little money they make annually. The conversation turned to home and how little we actually live on when you really get to thinking about it.

If you look at our lives inside our lives we really don’t need that much money to thrive.

Let me explain.

My wife and I were realizing if you take away all the debt we were supporting house payments, credit cards, car loans, various auto payments for sat t.v., gym memberships, cell phones ect… What do we have left?

Well you work all week come home and so you buy gas and groceries pay the power bill go do something fun on the weekend to treat your self after a long week at WORK and that’s about it right?  Most weeks anyway so what are you really spending? Not much. The rest is just supporting debt!

WELL what if we were not paying a big fat house payment? We were never there that much anyway what with work, commuting, out playing on the weekends we just eat sleep and watch a little t.v there at night. 

Do we really need car payments? Well I guess we do just to move back and forth to work and park all day there then park in the drive way all night.


How did we get duped into that?

So on went the conversation what if we down sized and pay cash for those big ticket items? More expensive cars and houses need more expensive repairs and maintenance and more expensive insurance.  If you have these things you worry about some one stealing them. But your cost of living drops drastically if you own them out right.

Okay I’m ranting a little. Maybe a lot but bare with me.

I am driving to a point in my rambling 😉 

We found many conversations later that getting out from under the debt of big ticket items and all the consumer debt we could live on a fraction of the current income we were currently living on. Like less than 30k a year! Not just live on it THRIVE on it! We also found out it would not take but a fraction of the time to earn it like 2 or 3 months out of the year!


So we got to work selling off the stuff we owned and paying off the things we would keep and down sizing to a smaller dwelling (300 sq ft). Paid for a used RV and we can park it any where (almost) for free or very little. We now have semi retired (mostly) and in our forties. Kids are grown. The grand kids are arriving and we have the time to enjoy them.

The point is I guess anyone that really wants to can do this.

It wasn’t easy. We are still working on it. I’ll be frank it was painful but the trade-off was freedom. Freedom from debt. Freedom from THINGS and freedom from wage slavery.

Let me hit this home.

Every day I wake up to no alarm. When I get up I decide what I want to wear that day. I ask myself what do you want to do today?

Today I’m taking my grandson to the zoop that is what he calls the zoo he’s 3.

I don’t wear a watch. It doesn’t matter any more. My time is mine.

Can you live on less that 30k a year and do whatever you want? That depends on what you want.

If I need more I can create the income doing projects that I like when and where I want to because it’s my choice not my obligation. I think I’ll take a walk now it’s raining lightly and a little foggy.

Then off to the ZOOP.;)

Gas prices no problem only $3.00 a week !?!

The new family sedan / cargo vehicle 😉
125 cc motor bikes are the work horse of southeast Asia $3.00 US will get you a full tank and you can ride these little Honda bikes all week on that!

You can bring the whole family (I’ve seen up to 6 riding on these) or a very large cargo load on these little bikes. For about $150.00 a month you can rent them there or $1100.00 will buy you one. Notice the driver has to wear a helmet it’s the law in Thailand where a US citizen can live comfortably 0n $500.00 a month and lavishly on $1200.00 per month.

For around $46 k you can buy a newly built 3 bed 2 bath house!! REALLy! Or an Apt 3 min walk from the beach for $300.00 per month. Food and health care are also dirt cheap. You  may want to look into living there you could retire right now If you wanted to move there and live well on practically nothing.

Check it out at I just found this site an can hardly belive it my self.

life in about 300 sq ft . It’s finite !

Can you imagine life in 300 sq ft?

Some may think impossible others may say no problem. I am the latter.

I not only find it adequate but voluminous. Not just for one but for two. Part of the reason is the space is well-defined and thought out. This gives it a roomy feel even with 3, 4 or 5 people in that space it does not have a closed in or crowded feel. It’s a great space. Light, bright and airy. Easy to keep clean and with central heat/air. Climate control is easy and inexpensive.

The kitchen is compact but not crowded. I really like the gas range for cooking and tons of cabinets for storage. There is a double sink with a separate spigot for filtered water. The bath room is surprisingly roomy I’m a big guy and no problem having enough room in the shower and even a separate potty room. The dining room seats 4 comfortably. Compact, efficient, organized certainly come to mind when you think of such a small space but not crowded, cramped and cluttered.

The bed room has a great deal of closet and drawer space enough for two. With a queen size bed and enough room for dressing and getting in and out of bed you don’t really need any more space. The living room has a sofa sleeper for guests and a couple of swivel rocker recliners on the opposite side. The living room also boasts a large TV, stereo with surround sound and a gas fire-place to take the chill off and create some ambiance.

Outside this cozy cottage is a large enclosed patio area and some additional storage space. The landscape and views are breath takeing with almost a 360 view. I don’t miss being in a larger space it just seems like a waste to keep up with now. And you can only occupy a few square feet at any one given time anyway.

There is no room for a lot of extras so I’m not out shopping for stuff to collect and stuff in here. My cost of living is greatly reduced and I don’t need much so I don’t spend much time earning money. I have lots of time every day to do as I wish. I can ride my bike, garden, play with my grand kids and help others. 

I highly advocate living in small spaces if it will allow you time to enjoy life and have experiences.

Make money without working…much

Ok I was asked to expand on how someone could make an income or additional income stream(s) and effectively get out of the rat race.

First off is mindset or perspective. One reader commented that because of a disability they were (thrust) out. I got the impression that they took this as a bad thing. At least at first.

The difference between a poor person and a person who lives simply is choice they may both live by little means but one chooses, the other does not. One lives simply the other is poor. It’s all in your head. Choose where you are. If you do not like it then choose to change it.

You are where you are because that is where you want to be. That statement should cause some hackles to raise but it’s true.

You have the power to do what ever you want if you choose to take responsiblity for yourself.;) So that being said Henry Ford said “if you think you can or you think you can’t your right”.   

Ok so what to do about money.

As I said it’s all in your head. If you are doing what you truly love to do you will never work another day in your life. That is a quote I don’t recall by who but I love it because it is so true. Very few people in this world jump out of bed every day because they can’t wait to go spend their day doing what they love to do.

Maybe one in 10,000?

So how do you know what that is? Well here is a little guide line.

If you would gladly get up every day and do this all day even forgetting about time and do it whether you were paid or not because it is that enjoyable to you then that is your calling. Your soul purpose.  

Now find what “that” is for you and earn an income from it and you will never work again.

It may mean revamping your entire life but it will be worth it and you only get one life so what are you waiting for 😉

Here are some things I do or have done for income and I should preface that multiple income streams are important don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Build and sell wood furniture indoor and out. Raise and sell puppy’s. Carpet and upholstery cleaning. Coach and mentor people in small business. Income Tax Preparation. House cleaning. Flood and fire restoration. Teaching others to do what I do. Lifestyle designer. Self development coach.

I have automated several of these processes to create ongoing income streams that don’t require my constant presence on an hourly or daily basis. I also made them  portable so I can live any where I want to. 

Any one can do this if they want to. It requires effort and a willing attitude 😉     

What I really do is solve problems for other people. I create value and the by-product of value creation is money. If you first seek to help others, you will get what you want. If you seek money first It will not work. Make and sell happiness everyone will gladly buy it. Oh and have fun!!

New term (Early outers) people who retire young.

So I was pondering our newly enlightened lifestyle and it occurred to me to coin the term ‘early outers’.

My wife and I have been in a state of flux for oh about two years now. We are in our forties and have hit the brakes!

The kids are all grown and moved out we are already grandparents (A boy, a girl and one on the way) ;). So we have been doing some serious reflecting on life and whats important to us. Now we have come to some realisations in our lives. We no longer want to be consumers. Nor do we want to support a large life style. We do not need things. What we do want are experiences and our time/freedom.

So we decided we should get out early hence the term EARLY OUTERS.

Now this has not been an easy process because it affects our changing all our old values. However this has been a good thing and we are happily embracing our new values. What we find important now.  

I should say we were never big savers or investors but we have created a number of income streams that do not take our constant attention and combined with some savings will allow us a comfortable living with room to travel and spend our time as we wish. We have drastically cut our expenses. And gladly stopped spending without concern and created a realistic budget that allows us a sustainable future that we are excited about and can’t wait to get started on.

What happens next?

Well we are continuing to make progress which was slowed by winter and just not being in a big hurry. I guess we kinda found this almost to good to be true. So we found ourselves cross-examining this possibility 😉 Just going over the math again to make sure. But it looks like it will work so we are going for it. We are savvy and confident enough to course correct as we go and make this work. 

How about you could this be a possibility for you?

Is it feasible that you could have the where with all to get out early?

We didn’t know until we took a good hard look but there it was just waiting for us to see.

Wouldn’t it be something if an early out could be your reality? 

Give it a look you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find 😉

lifestyle design my favorite subject ;)

It’s been said “Opportunity only knocks once.”

The fact is it pounds on the door constantly. You just have to be there to answer it.

Creating your ideal life takes thought.

How do you know if you are successful if you do not first define what that is for you?

Make a list. Try to keep it to ten things that if they are present in your life you will know you are living a successful life. When you are in alignment with these things celebrate your successes.

If we do not have them defined success can be a constantly moving horizon.

Here are some of mine.

I do not get up to an alarm clock.
I wake up when I do everyday.
I wear what ever I want to everyday. It is not dictated to me.
I don’t wear a watch. My time is mine and I don’t have to watch it.
I make my income with out my direct and constant involvement to create it. I don’t punch a time clock or work conventional hours.
I can live any where I want to. My income creation does not require me to be in a certain place. 
I am location independent.

These are some of the ways I measure success. Notice I did not say anything about how much money I made. But that I only make it my way.

That is more important to me than quantity.

I have learned to create massive value for other people and they do pay me well for that value but it is only to alow me to design my lifestyle and own my time.

I don’t say all this to brag but to show what is possible.

I am in my 40’s and I own my time and decide how and where to spend it.

I only work on projects that excite me and I can do my best work in.

Take some time to develope your own list of values to measure your success by and be sure to celebrate them as you reach them. 😉