Retire now …’s possible!

Retire NOW? If you could would you?

Well you can if you want to! How you ask? It’s a process of elimination. You simply start eliminating the things in your life that stop you from retiring. What is it in your life that is in your way to freedom from your job?

Is it debt?

That is probably a big one for most. But could it be your mindset? Do you believe you can retire right now…or not. That is the first step. 

First you must believe you can do something before you can do it. Do you really want to retire or not? Maybe you just want to have the option to work when and where you choose? What if money was no longer the driving force that got you out of bed every day? What if creating your ultimate lifestyle was easy? The question is…what does your life (the one you choose,not the one you’re in now) look like? Do you see your self as a world travler? Or an organic market gardener? Maybe you work with the less fortunate in this world? What if you could do any of these and more with money not being the main reason? You can…

Get rid of your stuff!

I’ll say it again GET RID OF YOUR STUFF! 

It’s what is holding you back. Stuff, the things we spend most of our money on …that if we did not spend our money on we would need very little money to live. That stuff.

Stuff is what we identify our lives with. Our self-worth our accomplishments with. Our value in society, that stuff we are so attached to we are lost without it! We spend most of our hard-earned money on our stuff.

Now your saying not me! Really? First you buy it, then you rent or buy a space to keep it, some people call these spaces homes or apartments. 

They are STUFF warehouses!!

Then you insure your stuff in case something happens to it. Then stuff overruns your home (warehouse) into the place you keep your car (garage) but then you need more space for your stuff. Enter an industry created just because of the fact that you don’t think you spend all your money on your stuff.

The mini storage!! Really!

Mini storage you rent it for $40 or $50 bucks a month or more. That’s $480 to $600 per year you just spent on stuff you’re not using. That you already paid for and lost value over time. Then you pay to store it! Anything wrong with this picture?

Watch this video you will be glad you did. It gives you perspective on what you are a part of. I will post more in this series about retiring now and how you can. This is part one. We will talk about mindset and simplifying and minimizing….

What if you never had to work again? Well it’s possible!

For the last few months I have been designing a life that allows this and it is coming together nicely.

First off are you happy with the life you have now? If so please disregard this post. If not this may interest you. I am 47 years old and I made a vow that I would be retired by 50. Well It’s scary how well the power of focus works because I’m almost there.I have been really focused on this for mmm…I’d say six months now and WOW! I really haven’t been working most of that time yet I’m creating revenue.

So how am I doing it?

I am creating a new design for my life really looking at what I want my perfect life to look like. This takes time to THINK about because I spent most of my life so far just letting life happen without much planning. Then one day someone asked me the question. What does your perfect life look like? No exceptions if you could live anyway you wanted how would that look?

What would your house look like?

Where would you live?

What would you do for income?

What kind of car would you drive? ect…

I actually drew a blank when I was asked all these questions! I guess I had stopped dreaming. WHY!

I gave up on thinking I could have what I wanted!

The grandfather of simple living

Dick Proenneke is arguably the fore father of simple living.

Dick at the tender age of 51 had saved up a modest sum of money as a mechanic and decided to retire …to the Alaska bush where he built his own 11×15 log cabin with simple hand tools, human power and lived for the next 30 years!

Dick lived a simple minimal life. A no frills lifestyle where he relied mostly on his own human power everyday. Dick was never sick in the 30 years he lived in the bush! He ate a simple diet a lot of beans, sourdough biscuits, pancakes, oatmeal, trout fished from the lake out his front door and a fall ram taken every year.

Dick was very active on a daily basis. He hiked, paddled the lake and had chores like cutting the fire wood he used to heat and cook with. He was the self-appointed steward of the area surrounding where he lived cleaning up after hunters that came thru the area leaving there messes behind.

Dick wanted for very little he made all his own furniture, his home and many of his tools and utincels. He didn’t own a car had very few possessions and lived a fulfilled life with a small footprint enjoying the solitude of the area into his eightys. Dick leaves a legacy for us all as an example of how we can live a low impact minimal but full life of purpose staying active healthy