We cut our housing cost 1200% !

I know unbelievable!

We didn’t believe it either. We checked the numbers and it’s true.

After deciding to sell our home of almost 20 years in 2014 it finally sold in May of 2015 and in an instant we were mortgage free for life! We chose to never have a mortgage again. So we decided to build a new much smaller home for cash.

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Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2014-08-29 15:59:36Z | http://piczard.com | http://codecarvings.com

Building a home one 5th the size of our former home has some other benefits as well.

One we decided to move to the other side of the state from where we were. The climate is much different here. We don’t need air conditioning because this climate is much milder in the summer. It is also much milder in the winter which means less heating as well. So our utilities are a fraction of what we used to pay. As a bonus, we will be heating with wood, driftwood to be precise that we collect from the beach just down the path.

Currently we pay about one 10th of the utilities we were paying before because of the size of the house and the cold winters we had. Our property taxes are only a 4th of what we used to pay and the cost of insurance is one-third.

We are really enjoying our new lifestyle and the extremely low new cost of living that comes with it. As a result, we work less and have much more free time to explore our new beach community. As a side note we drive a lot less and our fuel cost and vehicles maintenance are greatly reduced. We even get a lower rate on our car insurance from where we used to live.

Our new home is much closer proximity to shopping than before so we save time and money usually going twice a month to Costco and Cash n Carry. They are much less expensive for groceries than regular retail grocery stores.

As we go along we continue to find more ways to cut cost like discontinuing our cable T.V. in favor of Netflix $70.00 savings peer month. Another thing is we cut our entertainment cost way back. We eat out less and have only been to a movie theater twice ($50 a pop ) in a year and a half.

We spent more time outside.

Instead of going to the mall (we don’t have one near us) We walk one the beach and hike the park trails. We did invest in some fishing and clamming licenses they give us double benefits. One we get more exercise walking out to the beach. Two we get to eat fresh fish and shellfish (clams and crabs) and freeze the extras for later.


Our house is so small we don’t have room to just buy things so retail therapy is a thing of the past.

Our food waste is way down. We used to have a 25 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer. Food would get lost in it and spoil only to be thrown out. Now our much smaller unit only holds a fraction as much so we tend to buy less and eat more efficiently.

All in all we are really enjoying our new life of less.

Less cost.

Less waste.

Less upkeep.
What areas in your life have you been able to reduce?