We’re living on the project site. Boondocking.

Power…The only thing you need to make everything else in the equation work and we did it with the Honda 2000.

The Honda EU2000 Portable Inverter Generator Model EU2000T1A1 was a great deal. It’s simple to use and very reliable.

The 2000 watt model we used was enough to power everything but the air conditioner.

You can get two of these Honda’s and connect them together for 4000 watts and there will be plenty of power for everything.

They are durable low maintenance, quiet, easy to start, long run time per tank of fuel and very reasonably priced.

We have been very pleased with them and you can use them in a power outage to keep things going in your house.

My secret weapon.

Do you identify yourself with your things?

Here is some of the packing supplies my wife likes to use:

Bubble Wrap
Moving Boxes
Packing Paper
Packing Tape

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Watch a middle aged couple build their own small home for cash the easy way.

Yes thats right we are going to build from scratch a small home on a small lot and you can follow along as we go through the process step by step.

We will start out searching for the right property to build our home you can learn how to find and buy a beautiful lot cheap in a great location.

The process of feasibility of building including the site planning and infrastructure (water,sewer,power) Design and plan approval from the building department. All the phases of the building process with inspections. Plumbing , electrical, framing, insulating and finishing walls painting trim, windows and doors.  Even installing kitchen cabinets.

Now I will tell you I am no spring chicken and I have a bad back so If I can do this you can. I will be hiring certain parts of the process  out and acting as the general contractor so you will be able to see how to go about getting bids and working with sub contractors as well.

This will be a opportunity like no other to follow along and ask questions as well. If you are even the least bit interested in this rare opportunity to be able to see just how easy it really is to build your own home for cash you should checkout our Builders Developers Course so you can get more info and updates on this project.

Mortgage freedom, anyone can have it.Yes this means you!


It is true we all can own our homes free and clear of loans if you really want to.

Wait! What!

Before you dismiss this as boloney or as unattainable hear me out.

Read the full article about mortgage freedom here.

Any ten year old can wire a house.

Power It Up

Thats right!

It is not that hard. You just need to know the rules.

I am going to show you how. Whats stopping you from being mortgage free?

The number one thing is knowledge. If you knew how to build your own house it would be the single most profitable thing you could do in your life.

The average person in the U.S. spends over $500,000 dollars for housing in there life!

You can build a small home on a lot that would house a family of 4 for about $60k or less.

That means a couple could save about a $$MILLION on housing! So whats stopping you? Start learning today.

Go here to get your first lession watch this quick video and start saving today.

Never pay for housing again! A special unique limited offer.


Who wants to never pay rent or house payments again?

Learn to build a simple functional attractive home that will easily accommodate a family of four. Who would be interested in investing in a program where you could learn to build your own small house on a lot legal built? Each person would get a set of plans for a 400 to 500 square foot simple house design.You will be able to follow the entire process of how to acquire a small inexpensive lot $7k to 10k.

Next we will learn to develop the water power sewer to the building site. We will go thru all the planning inspecting and approval steps for the building permit and build the house documenting the entire process all phases of construction. You will have opportunities to spend time on the project in person hands on.

The project will be filmed and you will get a copy to follow and build your own home. There will be extensive question and answer sessions. This should allow you to build for cash or a very small loan that could be quickly paid off so you would be mortgage free the rest of your life.

You could also add on to the house later to make more room. Just pay cash as you go. Something like the plan above as an example. This valuable information could be yours for about the price of a latte a day for a year! I will likely do this thru a crowd funding site.

August 2016 update: If you are interested in this program you can access it here at the Small Builders Developers Course.

Portable power plant Great new product you can build yourself!

Hi all.

I have a link to a product for everyone here.

The portable power plant. Do it yourself DVD how to build a portable power plant. Everything you need to wire up a breaker panel for 50 amps of service some outlets and a light with a switch.

Plug it in anywhere to power your tiny home , shelter, trailer, RV, cabin, van and more. Emergency power for lights, heat, ac, cooking, hot water, charge and power your devices.

Comfort for you and your loved ones.

Check it out here.