Morning in the micro house.

I woke up early to the birds singing in the tree outside the big picture window.I came down out of the loft and stoked the fire in my little wood stove and set a pot of coffee on it to boil .

Rubbing my eyes to adjust to the light of the window I sat down to watch the yard waking up .The morning antics are always interesting A pair of quail chasing each other in and out of the tall grass at the edge of the yard.Robins hunting worms in the new-mown grass.Over on the honeysuckle humming birds having a buffet breakfast.

The stove is taking the chill out of the air feels good to sit by it .I see steam starting to come out of the coffee pot .I see thru the fog in the pasture a doe with her fawn in tow.

The sun is climbing over the mountain and creeping across the yard warming the air and chasing the fog away.There is a breeze in the trees moving the leaves .Lots of song birds flitting about and calling back and forth.

Bob (the cat) is watching from his perch by the window next to the door.Rocky (the chihuahua) is stretching and needs to go outside for his morning constitutional.I will need to grab my cup of joe and make the rounds.First the rabbits ,check on the mammas and their new litters of bunnies.I will need to give the pigs and their baby’s some grain and water.Last the chickens and the chicks (just hatched 7 new the other day) Now I can sneak some eggs for breakfast 😉

Speaking of breakfast I think I’ll have some bacon (courtesy of the hogs) and a couple of pancakes to go with those fresh eggs the wood stove is hot now. After breakfast I’ll take a walk with Rocky, Bob usually trails along meowing (complaining ) about the trip .Maybe we will fix a lunch  go up the mountain a ways and check out the view .I’m sure we will work up an appetite for dinner this evening and a fresh-baked rabbit pot pie is sounding really good with some veggies from the garden.

I’ll probably putter in the shop a little on some projects new pens for the rabbits ,A pair of Adirondack chairs I’m making for the patio.Then back by the wood stove to read a little before bed.Whats your day look like ? Are you doing what you like today? how about tomorrow? The tiny house life is great the freedom to choose is the reward .Living small really is living large…      

The backup plan .What if plan A isn’t panning out?

So you finished school and went out into the world to work your butt off and create health ,wealth and happiness for yourself. The american dream …get a job start a career and a family.Buy a house and a car or two and start putting money away for the future.Well fast forward a couple of decades and maybe things aren’t where you thought they would be.Maybe it just isn’t looking like you saw it in your head.

Here is where we are today people are trying to retire and worked the last 30 plus years to put away enough to enjoy the( golden years ) They keep telling you about.Now this could be for a lot of reasons layoffs ,cutbacks,divorce,health issues or an accident.Maybe your investments went bust or your house values crashed. Sound  familiar?

So what are you going to do ? maybe you see the writing on the wall down the line a few years for your self and you are looking to course correct now . Sorry if I come off all doom and gloomy but there is an alternative.

Plan B the back up plan .The what if the SHTF ( shit hits the fan) sorry if that offends anyone it is a broad and encompassing phrase that covers a multitude of scenarios from the minor lost my job to the end of the world and every thing in between.So what if? Well you need a fallback plan something that you can count on come what may.

What is that ? What does that look like ? How does that work? I’m glad you asked.;) It looks like a way to live without needing a bunch of money and infrastructure and still keep a standard of living you can be happy with no matter what happens .Some thing you can put in place now so you have the peace of mind that your covered for the future.

What does that take ?well I see the big costs of living today Housing is number one.How much money do you need to live if housing is no longer an issue? the second seems to be transportation gas prices are not going down that is for sure.Then food and healthcare.

Well lets solve the big one housing .Having a micro house built and setting in the back yard is a major piece of insurance in my opinion .It’s the fall back the escape pod the backup plan for the SHTF possibility of the unknown future .What if the power fails or there’s an earthquake or hurricane a blizzard and so on and basic services are interrupted wouldn’t it be nice to go over and get inside your micro house and fire up the heat and lights and be able to cook a meal and not just survive but thrive .

Lets talk about location.Micro houses can be placed in locations that would otherwise be prohibitive to live in either by price or the inability to build in an environment .So you can put it in a backyard or beach front on a lake river ocean pond ect… but the view or amenities are to die for.Who can afford a (million dollar view ) but you can barrow it for little or nothing ;).

You could live in walking distance or biking distance of all your shopping and business needs minimising or eliminating the need for a car.if you park your micro house in an area that has space for a garden then you can produce some of your own food cutting expenses further.

Lastly your health is very important and I want to touch on or bring full circle the backup plan living more simply and deliberately gives you time.Time to prepare your own food from scratch .Time to walk or bike to where you want to go .Time to be outside in the garden working in the fresh air and sunshine.Time to spend with family and a great place to live for a fraction of the cost of traditional lifestyle we have now .All we have is time health and family all we need is food shelter and clothing .If we have these we have more than the majority of the people on the planet . After that everything else is excess and luxury.    This lifestyle by design If you choose it