Stop! You came here looking for something.I think you found it. ;)

Hey you just found what your looking for. Tiny houses,Right? No house payments.No mortgage. Cozy simple living, minimalism. Debt freedom,A way out of the rat race.Me to.Thats why I created this blog,To show you a way to get there. We did it! It works,Really ūüėČ
IMG_1043Now were financially independent and building a small (576 square foot) cozy house by the pacific ocean.We found a nice 3/4 acre or so lot a 5 min walk down a private path to the beach.


You probably think it was expensive but you’d be wrong ūüėČ lots around here start at around $8k.We paid more for ours but we wanted specific things.We can walk to town or ride a bike.


We have privacy.A secret garden in effect.Well water was important as was a gravity septic.The big desire was private beach access.We are close enough to hear the surf in the yard or out the window at night.Enough space to create a food garden landscape on a lot about the size of a football field. This is an area that is quiet,safe and has a great climate year around.

Another great thing is the area is a vacation getaway
. There is always something to do. Events, festivals farmers markets and lots of outdoor activities.

We have been here over a year now and really like it.There is lots to do Finnish the house,get the garden going,landscape the yard and enjoy the process.Getting up every day and getting to do what you are passionate about is a blessing.Some time I go for a walk on the beach or go fishing.Then I work on the house and in the yard.
I usually make myself a cup of coffee first thing then let Rocky our chihuahua out while I check the hen house for eggs.I’ll come back in the R.V. for breakfast.images-14

After that we decide what to do for the day.Well thats all for now I am installing plumbing in the house today so I better get at it ;).

On living with nothing as a way of life.

The day I metTrevor I knew there was an interesting fellow.

I am like a cat always curious about things and people in particular.

I was just in Sint¬†Martin¬†in the south-east¬†Caribbean¬†and that’s where I met Trevor. Trevor¬†is a captain he holds a 200 ton licence. You can sail a big boat with a licence like that but he is sailing a 54 ft vagabond blue water capable ketch as a charter boat on the coast. Trevor is originally¬†from the U.K. by way of south africa 25 years worth and a family raised. Having been a sailor most of his life he has made a living at it which brings me around to the title of this post.

The skill set Trevor possesses makes living on nothing not only possible but practical. He has spent large amounts of time at sea and needs to keep very little to get along (as a matter of fact he told me that he currently has no shoes or socks) I never saw him other than barefoot tee-shirt and shorts. He lives in paradise! Warm all year. Long hair reportedly he never combs and a very capable 61 years young!

Trevor owns and lives on a 32 ft sail boat I have not seen. He refers to it as his shed this has been home for the last 17 years. He has sailed it across the atlantic more than a few times with and without an engine. Trevor’s¬†typical¬†day as I have seen it is to rise with the sun. Dingy over to the random wind his place of employment and fart around on the deck a little then grab a cup of coffee and lounge on the back of the boat untill the guest arrive. He helps everyone aboard and then at around 10 am we sail down the coast make a couple of stops to play in the water eat lunch. He does a few flips and stunts off a swing into the water and back to the bay by 3 pm.

After sending the guest back to the dock and having a coldy¬†(coors¬†lite) he then farts around on deck and lounges in the rear of the boat again. Trevor’s¬†cost of living is slight. His job is easy and routine. He wants for nothing. He told me his retirement¬†plan is keep working. The reason he can live like this is he owns and needs little or nothing and keeps it that way. He owns a micro home on the water and can park it any where he likes free. I envy Trevor and his lifestyle it is very idyllic simple and straight forward.

I look forward to spending more time with him and like him. Its island time.

Help us help others survive.Why we do what we do.

This is what it is really all about.Helping others to simply live.The Mayan culture is dying they need our help to survive.Here is a video to watch and you can follow the links over to the site and learn more about these fascinating people and their story .

Piggys on the micro home stead this am

I thought I would switch over to the homestead side of the project today and show you what’s new. Here’s a video¬†of the monday morning commute ¬†here at the microhomestead.We have a number of projects going on and this is one of the newest.Enjoy.

Needs versus wants equals freedom versus a life of debt.

It seems in this day and age and in our culture we have a difficult¬†time distinguishing between needs and wants.I hear people saying” I’m broke” or” I can’t make it from payday to payday”.I hear “I need a raise”¬†On friday’s¬†people are running to the bank to deposit their¬†checks so they can by grocerys¬†and get gas.It disturbs me that upon¬†closer investigation these same people are paying $80-$100 or more for satellite T.V. $80-$100 or more for a smart phone plan $50 -$80 for internet and have a subscription for a movie plan.$10 dollars a month.The same people regularly go out to eat$10 t0 $20¬†buy coffee drinks$3 or $4¬†and cocktails at a club on the weekends$4 or $5¬†.Some smoke $5 a pack.

Now the problem is that the thinking is I need all this. It is the bare minimum to live life! ¬†¬†People that are on public assistants are paying for these things let alone the working people.It isnt just those WANTS that they are paying for it’s the¬†car payment and the credit cards and the high rent or house payment too.We are out of balance .We think we¬†NEED ¬†all this when really we WANT it¬†.Did you know that at the turn of the century the wealthiest¬†people in the world (I’m talking about multimillionaires¬†when a million dollars was a lot of money) did not have any of this! Today poor people quote unquote have more luxury¬†than that.People¬†at or below the poverty line enjoy a higher standard of living that the wealthy did then .They have running water flush toilets ,cell phones,heat and air conditioning,cars,electricity¬†higher life spans (double)¬†access to health care and more.

What we really have here is a money management problem and a perspective that we need all the luxury and really we just want it.

But the bigger issue is we trade our biggest most precious and valuable possession for all of these things with reckless abandon.Our TIME.We have a finite amount of TIME on this planet and we waste a tremendous amount of it in the pursuit of wants disguised as needs.We even trade our second most precious possession our HEALTH .It gets damaged by our lifestyle and eating habits that we create in the pursuit of  needs that are only wants. we work too much and sit too much then we eat too much and trade our health as a result of it .

So what is the solution to all this sobering and depressing conversation anyway.  Well for starters a good hard look at wants vs needs and getting present to what they are costing you in terms of your real quality of life.Become present and mindful of daily life and what really makes you happy .Get out of and stay out of debt! cook from scratch .It is healthier and less expensive than packaged and processed food. take a walk it is good excercise that costs nothing and gives you time to think about whats important.less cost of living means less need to work and more time to spend as you wish.Cut your cost housing ,transportation the two biggest and really look at wants and get that that is just what they are .The only things you really need are food clothing and shelter every thing else is luxury and vanity.At what cost are they really acquired ?