How to double your money overnight.

If you want to beat the system you have to play hardball. Our culture is one of consumption and material acquisition. We consume faster than we earn. Things are not making us happy. Things are causing us to constantly be in debt. Debt is making us miserable. Yet we continue to spend and live a life of debt and misery. The solution is simple. Saving not spending. Here is the rub. Making that your habit. Just as spending is a habit, one that is hard to break so is saving. One that takes an effort to start.

So let me give you some incentive. Would you like to double your money? Well here it is…for every dollar you stop spending on things and save you have saved two. So if you cut your expenses by $100. Cable bill for instance and put that $100 in savings you are $200 ahead. The $100 you are no longer spending and the $100 you are now saving.

Now that is some great incentive to change a habit in my opinion. How much money can you effectively save and double in your daily, weekly or monthly finances starting today? Saving is powerful. Saving is a way to get ahead in this system. If you stop spending  $4 a day 5 days a week on coffee for instance and save it instead you have not spent $20 and $20 saved you have $40 savings opportunity. That’s $160 a month and $2080. a year! In twenty years you have saved over $40k. Now that is not even counting investing and earning interest or dividends.

If you invest that same money you could easily double that money again! This is how people get wealthy. If you apply this principle to a payment that bears interest your savings is even bigger and more profound. A credit card balance is calculated to be paid back over 15 years. You will more than double your money if you pay that off and stop carrying a balance.

So you see just how easily spending or saving can exponentially swing your financial future from a life of debt and misery to one of freedom and choice.

Spend wisely my friends.