Morning in the micro house.

I woke up early to the birds singing in the tree outside the big picture window.I came down out of the loft and stoked the fire in my little wood stove and set a pot of coffee on it to boil .

Rubbing my eyes to adjust to the light of the window I sat down to watch the yard waking up .The morning antics are always interesting A pair of quail chasing each other in and out of the tall grass at the edge of the yard.Robins hunting worms in the new-mown grass.Over on the honeysuckle humming birds having a buffet breakfast.

The stove is taking the chill out of the air feels good to sit by it .I see steam starting to come out of the coffee pot .I see thru the fog in the pasture a doe with her fawn in tow.

The sun is climbing over the mountain and creeping across the yard warming the air and chasing the fog away.There is a breeze in the trees moving the leaves .Lots of song birds flitting about and calling back and forth.

Bob (the cat) is watching from his perch by the window next to the door.Rocky (the chihuahua) is stretching and needs to go outside for his morning constitutional.I will need to grab my cup of joe and make the rounds.First the rabbits ,check on the mammas and their new litters of bunnies.I will need to give the pigs and their baby’s some grain and water.Last the chickens and the chicks (just hatched 7 new the other day) Now I can sneak some eggs for breakfast 😉

Speaking of breakfast I think I’ll have some bacon (courtesy of the hogs) and a couple of pancakes to go with those fresh eggs the wood stove is hot now. After breakfast I’ll take a walk with Rocky, Bob usually trails along meowing (complaining ) about the trip .Maybe we will fix a lunch  go up the mountain a ways and check out the view .I’m sure we will work up an appetite for dinner this evening and a fresh-baked rabbit pot pie is sounding really good with some veggies from the garden.

I’ll probably putter in the shop a little on some projects new pens for the rabbits ,A pair of Adirondack chairs I’m making for the patio.Then back by the wood stove to read a little before bed.Whats your day look like ? Are you doing what you like today? how about tomorrow? The tiny house life is great the freedom to choose is the reward .Living small really is living large…