The best Tiny house plans Step by step DIY with video on the planet!

Thats right I am beginning a project that will be the most comprehensive complete step by step do it yourself plans for building a tiny house on the planet!! If you want a tiny house and the only thing stopping you is HOW TO you wont need to know anything and you can follow this DVD video series .

This project will give you everything you need to know from start to finnish.The plans will show you how to find a trailer buy all your building materials (like how many 2×4 and sheets of plywood screws and nails windows and doors ect…)You can send a fax copy to the building centers to price the best package and have them set it up for pick up or delivery for you.Next know what tools you need and every cut of every board in the project.Watch the DVD s and get step by step instruction as you put your house together just like you have a contractor standing there helping you.  Get expert tips and tricks of the trade that make this project a breeze.

This set of plans is far beyond the detail of anything currently on the market today and would normally cost 3X what I will offer it for during the  pre sale before it is done .I will launch this project on kickstarter soon and you can buy advanced copys buy backing the project at the ridiculously low pre sale price .

I want everyone to have access to this level of knowledge and training so you can be self-reliant and mortgage free for life.

Please share this post and comment or ask all the questions you like to let me know your interest thanks .:)